Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back from a Fantastic Lake Vacation

Enjoyed three fantastic weeks at the lake with family and friends. Who could ask for more. Here are a few of my fav photos...

My homemade lake deck chandellier made from wire plant baskets

Ahhhh sunset....

Playing at the park

Just love the simplicity of a single washed up shell...

Honey bee...

simple flower...

my boys can't give up the electronics... DS and camping.... who knew.

quad ride at sunset

Local Rodeo -- cowboys for a day

another quad ride

Chillin at the beach with my beauties...

hand picked wild raspberrys perfect for a raspberry stand


  1. You have have a wonderful eye! I especially love the tire swing photo. And the wire baskets made into deck chandeliers (I came over from the CSI project). What a fantastic way to recreate those beauties!

  2. Amazing photos - you have captured an Alberta summer so well. I am a fellow Edmontonian (came over from the CSI Project) and am looking forward to seeing the rest of your blog.

  3. Now those are AWESOME!!! To think I passed up several of these at the trift store earlier this week....
    I'm visiting from teh CSI Project. Thank you for sharing these.
    Happy Fall!

  4. I just gave your chandelier a shout out on my blog! Love'em!
    Have a great week!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments!! everyone!!


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