Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top Ten WOO HOOO!!

Was reading through some of my favourite feeds lastnight and discovered that a dollar store shadow box frame I submitted for a dollar store challenge on this blog:


had been featured on a top ten list at this blog:

How thrilled am I!! Just want to craft my heart out now.... crafting is good! Just need more time... Weekends are not enough. This is what I submitted for the challenge:

Custom Name Pendant

Here is a custom order made for a fellow etsy shop owner that makes the most adorable bags, blankets and baby goodies. You can check out her shop here: http://http//

I am working on my camera skills. Not sure yet how to capture the beautiful shine of this sterling silver wire. Not gonna give up until I figure it out!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift #1

Here is an embellished dollar store organizer/stationary box (love that store) that I cased from this blog:

Incorporated one of my wire words into the design.

Tied a piece of upcycled blue jean denim to the handle (simple).
Closer shot of the wire word.
even closer.... LOL!
Being able to see where I glued the paper to the cover, I had to try and make it look better so also embellished the inside of the lid. My Saturday morning project is beginning to take a lot longer... but I like how it turned out. LOL!
Full view and notice that I lined the bottom of each space too, see, again... way more time than expected...
bent some paperclips into hearts and even altered the plain sticky notes... (seriously gettin way too carried away now!)
Made these the prior Saturday...
All wrapped up.
THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH TIME (or do I just get too carried away in crafty craziness) :}

Releasing our Painted Lady Butterflies

After watching these beauties morf from caterpillars to chrysalis to butterfly (amazing) it was a perfect day to release them...reluctantly! Awwww can't we keep 'em mom? Sorry guys, they need to go back in the wild, and I don't mean back to our house LOL!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Listed two items tonight.... gotta get to bed... it's 12:48 a.m. Shouldn't have had that coffee after dinner tonight... YIKES!!


and this:

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