Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Care of Silver Wire Jewellery

The sterling silver wire jewellery pieces I design are always hammered to strengthen the wire then tumbled adding additional strength and brilliant lustre.

I hope you enjoy your piece for many years to come.

Here are some valuable jewellery care tips:

Wearing your jewellery will help prevent tarnish!
Over time oxidation reactions from sulfur and oxygen can occur causing silver to become tarnished. Wearing your jewellery will slow the oxidation process and keep your silver gleaming.

Store silver correctly to minimize tarnish and scratches.
To keep your jewellery looking its best, store it in a plastic bag to prevent tarnishing and scratches. Consider a jewellery box specifically designed with a 'tarnish-free' material lining to keep your silver sparkling and brilliant.

Alternatively anti tarnish paper strips can be cut and placed inside your jewellery box or in the individual plastic storage bag with your jewellery. You may find these strips at your local craft and jewellery stores.

Use a polishing cloth
One of the best, methods to clean your silver jewellery is with a professional jewellery polishing cloth. Cleaning your jewellery after wearing and before placing in it's plastic storage bag will remove any oil residue or fine dust particles and will keep it looking pristine.

Visit a jeweller
Once a year or when needed take your silver for a polish to your local jeweller.

Things to avoid:
- Mineral spas - silver jewellery will turn black.
- Jewellery 'Dip' solutions or commercial cleaning solutions even though it may claim to be safe for silver. It will work the first few times, but after that the silver jewellery may turn colour and never look the same.
- Toothpast, it is abrasive and will scratch the silver

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